I am a new webstorm user, previously using sublimetext2. I am working on a large RESTful Single Page Application using multiple javascript librarys based on a java backend and maven.

In this environment, there are source files, and "target" files. The files that we save our changes to then need to go through an installation process to be copied over to their correct place on the server. In sublimetext2 I made use of a filesync plugin which allowed me to simply specify a series of sources and targets to automatically have the changes in source moved to the target directory. I have been searching the documentation and trying to set up something like this in Webstorm. I have not been able to work out what to do and this is my main block to be able to use webstorm as my main IDE.

In the deployment settings, it asks for server path, but in my case, the urls have nothing to do with actual location of the files.
Can anyone help me to figure out how to simply map where I want files to be copied to when changes happen?

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In IntelliJ products usual way of syncing is autoupload. You apply some changes to your local code, and they are applied to the code on server. You need to set up server, mark it as default (all in Tools | Deployment | Configuration...). Do not forget to set up mappings if you didn't create your project with Create from Existing sources... wizard. Then enable autoupload in Tools | Deployment | Automatic upload or Tools | Deployment | Options | Upload changes automatically to the default server: Always.

Also there is file Sync with... action. It works on mapped remote files in Remote Host toolwindow (mapped files have green background). Also it can be invoked on files/directories in ProjectView in Deployment | Sync with..., if there exists default server, and those files are mapped to some files in it.

What do you mean by "the urls have nothing to do with actual location of the files"?

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Hello, The Instructions here are still not working for me.

I am simply trying to synch file at


with file at


I gave up for several months, because the instructions seemed so complicated for what I was trying to do.

I go to Tools | Deployment | Configuration
for server name I enter: "Tomcat"
for type I select "local or mounted folder"
for folder I enter: "/Users/vbreuje/dev/ole/export"
for web server root URL I enter ""

I go to mappings tab. "use the server as default" is greyed out.
for local path I enter: "/Users/vbreuje/dev/ole/export/home/apps/cgportal/vbreuje/svn/product/online-learning-exchange/components/ole-webapp/trunk/realize/src/main/webapp/realizeit/skins/default/css"

for deployment path I enter:"home/apps/ole/trunk/inst_9080/tomcat/webapps/community/realizeit/skins/default/css"

for Web path on server 'Tomcat' I enter: "/community/realizeit/skins/default/css"

apply is greyed out, I click "OK"

On Tools | Deployment "upload to Default Server" is greyed out.
I select "automatic upload (always)"

I edit /Users/vbreuje/dev/ole/export/home/apps/cgportal/vbreuje/svn/product/online-learning-exchange/components/ole-webapp/trunk/realize/src/main/webapp/realizeit/skins/default/css/assessmentPlayer.less
and save my changes
I view
I see no change.
Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

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