WebStorm: breakpoints ignored?

I am with a WebStorm 6 Personal License following the steps described as in http://wiki.jetbrains.net/intellij/Debugging_JavaScript_locally_in_Firefox_with_WebStorm_and_PhpStorm

And with the exact settings and breakpoints, the numbers mini app doing fine and loaded from a local Tomcat server, displaying the expected output withing the Firefox screen, but ignoring the breakpoints I set, what could be wrong?

Output seen on screen is:

The number is 0
The number is 1
The number is 2
The number is 4
The number is 5
The number is 6
The number is 7
The number is 8
The number is 9
The number is 10

(enclosed ist he screenshot of the js code with breakpoints set).

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To make sute the entire project is working, I am eclosing a Firebug debu session scree
nshot, where the debugger is just stepping fine.

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Hi there,

Most likely it's a misconfiguration on your side.

See this similar thread -- you should find your answer there (there even a test project present -- properly configured -- please try it and compare with what you have)



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