Using Refactor to move large numbers of files

Recently I tried to use Refactor to move a large number of files (about 100) from various folders to various folders. I moved about 5-10 files at any one time this way, and it all seemed to work perfectly. However, we ran into a major problem after the changes were committed to Mercurial via WebStorm. The closest thing we can figure is that each file move created a new head revision in Mercurial. Because there were a very large number of head revisions, Mercurial began returning 400 errors when we tried to pull. The end result of all this is that we had to create a new repository and lose some work. As near as we can tell, Mercurial behaved as it should and the problem originated from within WebStorm. Has anyone else had a similar problem? If this is happening to others then I will open a bug report.

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As it turns out, this was not a problem with either WebStorm or Mercurial. It was a problem in the Apache config for the virtual host we were using. The "bug" is that the “(first-listed)”  VirtualHost absolutely rules when it pertains specifically to the LimitRequestFieldSize and LimitRequestLine parameters. No  matter what values you use for ALL subsequent VirtualHost configurations, they  will retain the value of the “(first-listed)” VirtualHost. ARRRGGGGHHHHH!

We made some changes to the config and suddenly everything works properly. We've also submitted a request to the Apache folks to put this info farther up in the sample config files and to highlight it specifically in the documentation. Sure would have saved us a lot of time, and hopefully this post will save someone else a lot of time and headaches.


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