Different deployment configurations for different projects?

I'm using WebStorm and it seems to work great for the most part, but I just recently noticed when I go to open different projects the same deployment settings (servers, directory mappings, etc) are used.  If you delete old deployment configurations from a new project they are also removed from the old one.

Does anyone know of a way to use different deployment configurations for different projects within WebStorm?  I'd really prefer not to have to reconfigure all my deployment settings each time I switch projects.

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Hi there,

No -- it's not how it works.

The list of Deployment servers is global (shared among all projects). Only name and connection details are shared (the "Connection" tab) -- all other tabs (Mappings, Excluded Paths) are project-specific and need to be configured for each project separately.

Such approach allows to define connection details just once and then adjust deployment path accordingly to the project (that's if you deploy to the same server).

Therefore: if you need to use different deployment entries for different project ... just name them differently (e.g. "Project 1 FTP"; "Project 2 FTP", "Project 2 Local" etc) and do not configure those unrelated entries in currently opened project (just ignore them). Deployment entries that are related to the current project (that have mappings defined) will be listed on the top of the list; then -- the rest in A-Z order.


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