Simple editor keymap question for newbie

Is there a way to set the find selection?
In Sublime for example, ctrl-E makes the current selection the find selection. So if a
word is selected, ctrl-E ctrl-G will find the next occurence of the selected word.

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Hi there,

First of all -- I've never used Sublime myself, so I do not know if this will be exact equivalent.

Any way:

  1. Make selection and press Ctrl+F (or whatever shortcut you have for "Edit | Find | Find") -- this will search for your selection in current file (using your previous settings, if any)
  2. All occurrences will be shown on scroll bar (light green markers on default light color theme) as well as highlighted in actual editor (bright yellow background on default color theme)
  3. To navigate to Next/Previous occurrence just use F3/Shift-F3 (or whatever shortcut you have for "Edit | Find | Find Next" and "Edit | Find | Find Previous")
  4. You can customize any of those shortcuts at "Settings | Keymap" -- those actions can be found under "Main menu | Edit | Find"

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