How to get IDE support extension to work with chrome?

I have exhausted all options to try to get this to work.  If anyone can offer suggestions of what I should be doing, I would greatly appreciate it.

I installed WebStorm and the extension.  I have not found instructions for additional setup requirements, so have not done anything else.

I am using:
Windows 8 x64
WebStorm 6.0.2
Chrome  27.0.1453.116 m
JetBrains IDE Support Chrome extension 1.10

  • When I debug/run, chrome starts, but only on the default page.  It never loads my app.
  • WebStorm pops the following message: "Waiting for connection from JetBrains IDE Support extension for Chrome.  Please ensure you have installed the extension or see Help.
  • The WebStorm console displays: "10:40:48 AM JetBrains IDE Support extension for Chrome: Please ensure that JetBrains IDE Support extension is installed and enabled in Google Chrome."
  • If I inspect the _generated_background_page.html console, there is no output.
  • chrome_debug.log provides the following output.

[9844:4984:0701/114331:VERBOSE1:client_socket_pool_base.cc(65)] Setting g_socket_reuse_policy_penalty_exponent = -1
[9844:4984:0701/114331:VERBOSE1:pref_proxy_config_tracker_impl.cc(145)] 02B3AC60: set chrome proxy config service to 02B3AA20
[9844:4984:0701/114331:VERBOSE1:pref_proxy_config_tracker_impl.cc(235)] 02B3AC60: Done pushing proxy to UpdateProxyConfig
[9844:4984:0701/114331:VERBOSE1:pref_proxy_config_tracker_impl.cc(145)] 02B3AC60: set chrome proxy config service to 00000000

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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