Pop up a text box that I can type path to the file?

I'm always browsing the file tree to jump back and forth between files. I'm positive there is better functionality for this.

Is there a way I can hit some magic keys to pop up a window that I can start typing in like a CLI and use tab to autocomplete to type path of the file I'm looking for and hit enter to go to and open the file? Or somethign similar to this?


Hi there,

"Navigate | File..." (Ctrl+Shift+N) ?

You can also check this one (and other in a tree) -- it's for IntelliJ IDEA .. but since it's the same platform, it will apply to PhpStorm as well (almost all of it -- at very least generic stuff)


Awesome! I knew it had to be simple. I wish I could give you some points like on stack overflow! Thanks.


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