Using Ant beta1 with IntelliJ

We use Ant 1.6 beta1 (until 1.6 official ships) to build many projects. All of these projects use a single version of Ant under CVS control. Ant is the way to build everything for us, and IntelliJ is used for editing/refactoring/debugging/etc..., not building.

Instead, we use the Ant built-in integration. So far so good.

But we the move to Ant 1.6, and the use of XML namespaces in the build files, this integration no longer works. Even when we specify the ClassPath to use for the Ant build, IntelliJ stills sticks its own older Ant jars from its install.

The work around is to remove these two Ant jars from IntelliJ's install and replace them with the newer ant.jar from Ant 1.6 (just remove them, and then trying to run the Ant targets does nothing, and generates no error!!!). This is really a kludge, and not pretty.

Why can't IntelliJ simply use an external Ant? It just has to add it's Ant logger/listener to the command line. I could even fork as an additional option.

Eclipse and NetBeans have had the possibility of using an external Ant for a long time, so why can't IntelliJ provide the same thing??? --DD

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