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i am looking for a simple way to encrypt my *.php with ionCube and upload them on a remote host with PHPStorm.
Is this possible?

Thomas Eiling

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Hi there,

In place (same location) and on the fly -- I do not think so.

What you can TRY:

  • Set up File Watcher that will do automatically perform such compression after file is saved (file watcher will execute any external batch/script/executable file you point to -- such script just need to save encoded file in different location or with different file name)
  • Then upload such encoded file to your server (deployment may pick it up automatically. If not -- use "File | Sync" to force re-reading local files .. and if auto deployment of external changes is turned on, it should upload it).

I do not guarantee that this idea will work 100% (have no need for it and have not tried this myself) .. but it should (at least I believe so, if configured properly).

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