Allen Holub in his recent article draws
attention to HTML UI. I think this goes well along with the IDEA UIDesigner
approach to store form in the XML format. What if XSLT processor was used to
process UIDesigner XML forms into HTML? Then these forms could be easily
shown by HTML-enabled controls, or maybe even by browsers.

Anyway, do IntelliJ guys think that it is beneficial to have UI which can be
rendered by both desktop app and by browser?

Michael J.

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Judging from my personal experience, all previous attempts to provide some kind of GUI designer/framework (including those where I took part as a developer), which can render equally good output for both web and desktop, failed miserably. The key problem is that web interface (due to inherent limitations) has completely different layout and UI patterns.
For example, let's take "advanced" controls, such as listviews and treeviews. It is possible to create them in DHTML+CSS, but for large data sets they become irresponsive. Also, due to different level of standards compliance in browsers, adjustments and hacks are required quite often.


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