Seeing some errors in OSX 10.9 Dev preview

Hey guys,

This isn't stopping PHPStorm from working, but I'm seeing this error quite a lot and I wanted to let you know.  I'm using PHPStorm 6.0.3 129.757, on OSX 10.9 Developer preview.  Every so often I get this error, it might be every time an external task runs.  I see it when I run git commands and also it looks like the code sniffer triggered it as well.  It happens in RubyMine, too.

I've attached a screenshot with the error message.  This doesn't stop the IDE, and in fact the commands complete successfully, but it is accompanied by a "PHPStorm has quit unexpectedly" message from OSX.  It's rather amusing, really.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.50.14 AM.png
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The power of Issue Tracker : --->

10.9 is a "dev preview" -- I'm sure you are not surprised to see some glitches from not-yet-released product.

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Thanks, we have access and pay quite an attention to OS X dev builds/updates. (

Anyway, no changes to 60x branch is planned to compensate for 10.9 dev builds incompatibilities.
EAP for 7.0 which will eventually contain fixes necessary will be released closer to OS X release will be open soon.

In the meantime we do not recommend using PhpStorm in OS X 10.9 for production.

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Thanks for the information!  Keep up the good work.  You have a suite of killer products.


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