UML Class Diagrams in PhpStorm


I'm testing the PhpStorm EAP at the moment and I really fall in love with it.
When i was browsing through the other products of JetBrains, I saw the IntelliJ IDE for Java Developers with it's very nice UML Diagram Features.

Are there any plans to integrate the UML features also in the PhpStorm IDE?

Thank you in advance!

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You can use UML with PHP in IntelliJ IDEA.
We plan to add UML plugin to PhpStorm at some point at future, yet this is not scheduled yet.


Thanks Alexey, that sounds great.
I'm looking forward to see the UML plugin for PhpStorm.


Hi Alexey,

any news or plans regarding the UML Plugin in PhpStorm?



Me too. I use PHPStorm and IntelliJ IDEA but IntelliJ IDEA is not ideal for PHP its kinda awkward since there you hav to create an empty java module to run use it for PHP Anyways I cant wait for this UML feature to be native to PHPStorm.


I just noticed it is scheduled for version 3
Whata  relief.
BTW in INtelliJ when you try to use the class diagrams it only just shows you the calasses but doesnt let you add the features to the code via the diagram. Or am I doing somehting wrong? All it seems to do is show the diagrm of the class. I cannot seem to be able to add features to the diagram only notes. Any ideas. Sorry its my first week withthe product bough it on Wednesday and its Friday today.

I have a link to a Youtube Video of my issue

Thanks again


any one out there im still having issue with this :)


You have to wait untill we officially bring UML to PHP.


Any chance there will be a way to create UML files separately? For example if I want to describe the logic of some process used in application.


Nope, our diagrams are always just a "perspective" for an actual code.


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