Idea CVS + SSH + CVS_RSH : No shell to input my password !

Hi all,

I use Windows XP and Idea 3.0.5. I have this problem: I want to configure Idea to run with my CVS server, whose authentication is done via ssh. I have correctly set the CVS_ROOT, specified :ext: and set the CVS_RSH environment variable to point to the ssh2.exe executable.

When it comes to performing an operation on the CVS (checkout, uodate, commit, etc.) Idea's command line is displayed with the correct CVS parameters, but there is no way I can enter a password and the CVS command remains in a "hold" state. There is a "ssh2.exe" process on the machine, but I guess it just waits for some input and there is no way to give any input to ssh.

What can I do ? This CVS+SSH is supposed to work in Idea. What am I doing wrong ?


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