Debug a PHPUnit test with xdebug using DBGP Proxy


We use DBGP Proxy for making xdebug works with multiple hosts.

To debug a page, i create a run/debug configuration (PHP Web Application) and add the XDEBUG_SESSION_START=mykey to the start URL like this:


Then i push the Run button (if i push Debug button, PHPStorm will add an other XDEBUG_SESSION_START with a random value), and it works.

Now, i want to debug some PHPUnit test so I've created a "PHPUnit on Server" configurations. The test is launched correctly, but i can't debug it. When i launch a debug, PHPStorm generate a key for the Xdebug session, and don't use 'mykey'.
How can i force PHPStorm to set the XDEBUG_SESSION_START with the value i want?

I try to create a PHP Remote Debug like this:
Once launched, i run the test in debug, but PHPStorm launch a new Xdebug session with a random id...


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