Xml read problem

I have a problem with xml files. It just opens in one line. Something like that <body screen_capture_injected="true"><div id="webkit-xml-viewer-source-xml"><boxedpager><dvds><dvd><dvd_name>Double </dvd_name><dvd_id>123</dvd_id><content_format>1......

It's very difficult to read and PhpStorm begin to work very slowly.

How can I open xml files with formatting ? Maybe I can swith to anotger view type...or install some plugin.

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Hi there,

PhpStorm will open file as is. So .. maybe that file simply does not have any line breaks at all?

In any case: you can use "Code | Reformat Code..." to make it readable (obviously, this will modify the actual file) -- formattings rules can be configured at "Settings | Code Style | XML".


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