Local webserver + FTP to online server

Been doing the trial of PHPstorm since yesterday, but one thing i can't find...
The problem is that I'm using a webserver on localhost... but I also need the option to "put/upload" and "get/download" files from an online server... I already set up the FTP connection, but if I set this as default, it would always upload to the online server when I save? I don't see a button anywhere to just upload 1 file via ftp to an online server.


Hi there,

There is "Upload to Default" and "Upload to ..." action where you can choose which server to upload to (both should be available from context menu | Deployment | ), although second one is only visible when you have more than 1 server configured properly (or when you have no entry marked as Default). Obviously -- all such servers has to have mappings set up (the Mappings tab of Deployment entry), otherwise such Deployment server will be treated as completely unrelated.


If I chose the online FTP connection as default, will it then instantly download all online data and keep it synched?
I just want to have full control over that, for example when 5 php files are opened, just upload those and nothing else...
Nothing should up or download automatically unless I manually do it... Is that how it works?


Nothing gets downloaded automatically, ever. The whole concept of this IDE is "you work locally (local files are main files) and upload to remote server later/when required (remote files are just copies)"

By default automatic upload is disabled (unless you have already preconfigured defaults) -- but it's all configurable via "Settings | Deployment | your deployment entry | Options" -- it has few options in this regard (yes, such settings are per deployment entry, they are not global).


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