Hi. I just want to warn you that my English is very bad, so:
I have a problem connecting to FTP with PHPstorm (Tools -> Deployment -> Browse remote host). an error Invalid Descendent file name D: \ \ hampp \ tmp
Delete or rename the folder / tmp on hosting impossible.
With the log file attached

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Hi Vitaliy,

You actually have file named "D:\xampp\tmp" on your FTP server, dated "Jun  9 03:33" (it's a valid file name for Linux OS but absolutely incorrect on Windows).

You need to delete it. But you will not be able to do this using PhpStorm (as you already know) -- either use your Hosting Control Panel (their File Management functionality) or some another FTP client (e.g. FileZilla).

If you will be unable to delete it yourself, just contact your hosting technical support and they will do this for you (as I understand it is 1and1 hosting or associated company).


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