Migrating PhpStrom 4 project to 6

I use PhpStorm 4.0.1 IDE for my project.
If I upgrade my IDE to PhpStrom 6.0.2, and use my project files in trial period, make some development in my code.
Then if I change my mind and go back to v4, is it possible to use project files ?

Same project files can be used in v4 and v6 ?
Thank you.


Hi there,

Just backup your project settings (.idea subfolder) and restore it when decide to go back to v4 .. otherwise you most likely will loose *some* of the settings as setting may moved to a different config node ... or completely redesigned (it may use its' own separate config file instead of general settings file) etc. When opening old project in v6 it will ask you for confirmation to convert project into new format (or something like that -- do not remember exact wording).


So by backuping .idea folder and switching the folder regarding to IDE version is OK.
Thank you.


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