Image differences as an image?

Im using PhpStorm 6.0.2
Kubuntu linux 12.04

Sometimes stuff changes.  When I do a pull from github all the stuff that changed comes down to phpstorm.  From there on the 'Version Control' panel, i use ctrl+d to pull up the differences pane and see what changed.

For code, it works great.  but for images, not so great.

When im flicking through the differences and come to a changed image, i get the text version of a binary file displayed:

�b )� N���z*.� ��gV�e��L� U ߊ� ���2Syv�l*�\�EL,P|��

That kind of stuff.

Is there a way to make the difference pane show the actual image instead of the binary makeup of the image in a text editor?

Maxim Makhankov
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It should work with images. Could you please file a new bug to our platform tracker: ?


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