[ANN] RegexPlugin 6.0

RegexPlugin provides a dynamic environment in which you can test out
regular expressions.

Version 6.0 provides a number of bug fixes as well some UI tweaks that
hopefully make the UI a bit clearer.

The RegexPlugin:

  • Allows you to experiment with Java regular expressions without having

to go through the edit-compile-test cycle just to see how it matches.

  • Provides a simple built-in environment to learn about regular

expression quickly.

  • Has a syntax highlighting regular expression editor, making it

somewhat easier to keep track of what parenthesis is paired with which.

  • Full support for multi-line regular expressions and regular

expression comments.  This makes it so much easier to write readable
expressions - there really is no excuse to bunch everything into one
unintelligible line any longer.  Java supports better, and so should
your tools.

  • Library support, all expressions and their target test text can be

saved in a library for future access and reference.

  • Provides support for copying the regular expression into a correctly

escaped java string - saving you the error prone job of escaping

  • Provides support for the opposite - taking a java string containing a

regex and converting it to it's unescaped form for use in the plugin.

  • Can be run as a stand alone swing app, separate from IntelliJ Idea.

Changes since version 5.11

Version 0.6.0

- Added toolbar buttons to create a new regex and delete the current
  one.  This makes the library handling a little more convenient.

- Added the option to show labels for the toolbar buttons that refer
  to regex flags.  I can never keep track of which icon represents
  which completely abstract concept.  This is a menu option.  I wasn't
  able to work out how best to do this dynamically so right now you
  have to restart so see this change.

- Changed the way copy and paste happens in the regex editor so that
  you can copy segments of the regular expression and paste them back
  to the editor without having them changed to java strings.

- Added support for Paste Simple (in Idea) allowing for a regex string
  to be pasted in as plain text rather than escaped as usual.

- Fixed the fonts used in the plugin so that they are fixed pitch
  again (I think that one of the IntelliJ IDEA releases changed the
  default here).

- Fix plugin so that it saves its state to the workspace rather than
  the project file.

- Fixed the copy code so that it it copies that part of the regular
  expression that has been selected.

- Changed the reference card pane so that there are closers on the
  splitter again.

- Removed the popup reference window. I really don't think that it was
  useful particularly because it can go behind the main IDEA window.

- Fixed a race condition (null pointer exception) in the stand alone
  swing app.

- Added icons to menu.

- Fixed a bug that could cause the regex library to get corrupted.

As usual, let me know about any problems you encounter, and thanks to
all of you who've given feedback on the previous version.

Comments are very welcome.


Guy Gascoigne-Piggford

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