JUnit hierarchical menus please?

I have so many JUnit tests in IntelliJ that the pull-down menu (the one in the toolbar directly underneath the main menu bar) goes off the screen, and inside the Run dialog (Select Run -> Run, or Shift-F10) the list scrolls on forever (there's also a bug: the names of tests keep losing what their assigned test is, but that's a different story).

This isn't crazy: I'm in a package with a lot of classes, and each class has about a dozen tests.

Proposed solution for Run dialog:
In the Run dialog, allow 2 views of tests. One view is the current one, just an endless scrollable list of tests you've entered. The second view is an endless scrollable list of all classses your tests are in.

I have four classes: Gumby, GumbyTest, Skippy, and SkippyTest. I put all my JUnit tests inside GumbyTest and SkippyTest. When I view them in the Run dialog, I can see GumbyTest and SkippyTest in the list (where currently all tests are listed). Double-clicking GumbyTest reveals underneath it a list of all JUnit test methods in GumbyTest. To run that test, I just select it and hit Run.

Everything else in the Run dialog would stay the same.

Proposed Solution for Run pull-down menu:
Hold down Ctrl and click the menu, and instead of a list of all tests, a hierarchical menu of test classes (eg GumbyTest and SkippyTest) appears; putting the mouse on any of these reveals all the tests in that class.


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