Coverage Summary is null

I'm trying to run PHPUnit with Code Coverage analysis in a test file, but the coverage panel shows "Coverage summary: null".

I could easily run my test and I can see the test results just fine. I could also find the clover coverage file and, reading it, I found that it correctly marked some tests as covered. How can I make PHPStorm read that file correctly?

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04, PHPStorm 6.0.2, PHP 5.4.15, Xdebug 2.2.1.
Here's the output from the test runner:

/usr/bin/php -dxdebug.coverage_enable=1 /tmp/ide-phpunit.php --coverage-clover /home/igoru/.WebIde60/system/coverage/server$LogTest.coverage --no-configuration LogTest /home/igoru/dev/glossary/server/tests/unit/LogTest.php
Testing started at 05:05 ...
PHPUnit 3.7.18 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Time: 0 seconds, Memory: 6.50Mb

OK (9 tests, 28 assertions)

Generating code coverage report in Clover XML format ... done

Process finished with exit code 0


Hi there,

1) So the coverage file is actually generated? Bacuse I remember seeing one (only one) post where it fails on Ubuntu because of dollar sign in file name (on that system it had to be escaped in some way)

2) "Tools | Show Code Coverage Data" -- do you see the coverage file attached there?

if so -- remove it (or just "No Coverage" button) and close window; Open it again and add that file manually. Does it work now?

3) Do you have any symlinks in your path where project is located?

4) What is the path where project is located (as seen from IDE in Project View panel) ?

5) Can you please attach such coverage file here?


Thanks for the support, Andriy!

The problem looks related to symlinks. The project root is a symlink (to another folder inside a symlink lol). I tried to re-open the project using the real path, and the code coverage was shown nicely in the coverage panel.

Should I report this as a bug?

Should I report this as a bug?

No. It's a known moment. But you can vote .. so maybe it will have higher priority in a queue.


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