To view description of syntax error

Hi all,
In PHPStorm 6.0.2 when there is syntax error (like missing comma at end of line) in tab of file there is red line under file name and red line near with place of error.
I would like 1) to recieve some description of this error and 2) to move to this error from any place of this file in editor.
Is it possibe?

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hover.PNGNavigate->Next Highlighted Error (for me that is CTRL+Period):

And if I hover my mouse over the error, I get a description, is that what you mean?

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Yes, but Navigate->Next Highlighted Error works in somewhat strange way, As I use CodeIgniter 2, it moves to next operator which PHPStorm syntax analyzer can not process.

In image above these are light-brown ->model operator, model name and string and next $this->uri, $this->session operatorsю
Are there some options to move only to syntax errors?


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