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I'm interested in writing a plug in to build EJB deployment descriptors for specific application servers, specifically WebLogic and JBOSS. However, I have not been able to find any documentation on how to do this. Do these docs exist and where could I find them.

Thanks in advance,


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There isn't very much documentation. There is JavaDoc for the API in your
IDEA folder at "doc/openapi/javadoc". However, hardly any of the methods are
documented. I've written a few plugins and I had to download other plugins
and start from there. Also, has some helpful hints.
But, mostly, it's a lot of guessing and intuiting.

Jordan Zimmerman
Altura International
Catalog City

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I found the JavaDoc and the stuff, its very thin. I think IDEA is a great product and am thrilled that the folks at JetBrains are allowing plug ins, however, I'm unsure how they play to support a developer community without providing documentation. Hopefully, it'll come out when the product is officially released. Developing by guessing and reverse engineering seems like a bad idea (no pun intended) to me.

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Why not just use the existing Ant plugin and use XDoclet? That's one powerfull combination.


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That would not allow for the use of all the nifty features around EJB development that are built into Idea.


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