PHP Storm 6 with Joomla 3.1 - Can't debug backend

Ok, this is really weird.  I can debug the front end, but I can not get the debugger to work on the back end.

Debugger is working on all my other projects just fine.

I am using the method of starting the JScript supplied by Jetbrains in Firefox, the starting the listener in PHPStorm, then reloadign the page.

I tried Chrome and it seems to sortof work a little better, but it's terminating before I get to the breakpoints I am trying to see.

I am trying to step through administrator/com_categories  I have set breakpoints on every method possible on everything in that folder.  Chrome only will stop on the index page.  I see the _GET and _REQUEST vars are being set, but it doesn't get to the other php scripts.  The operations such as creating, editing etc are functioning and resolving as saved after I hit continue, but only breakpoints on the index page are working.  Debugger is terminating after the save/edit is complete.

Any ideas?



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And this is a "kick in the pants" - I hate to say this, but it seems to work in Eclipse Juno  ?:|

Meanwhile, I have not had one reply - not even from the Jetbrains folks so far.

How strange and unusual,



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