Survey: Java Code Optimization feature

Hello all,
As you can see, I'm beginning to play with this IDE :),
Aurora is really a good idea!

Some months ago, I begun a new project called JOE ( Its purpose was (using
Ant) to generate optimized Java code (to replace original source files or just before the compilation).
In fact, it analyzed the java code (using JavaCC) and applied COPs (Code Optimization Patterns).

Now anyone can tell me "the -O option or the JIT compiler do it better"
but I can answer that optimizing directly Java Code can have some good
influences particularly if using complex COPs like: replace HashMap implementation by a faster one.
Moreover, JOE could optimize Java Code for speed or for bytecode size (like some C/C++ compilers).

Well my question is, using SPI, can it be usefull to someone (I ask before making anything ;) )? If yes, does it seems a new plugin or an IntelliJ IDEA feature?

Thanks for your time,

One can read those documents (not very long) to get more informations:
- JOE introduction (.doc):
- COPs introduction (.doc):
- JOE developer guide (.doc):


Sorry dude, but I personally wouldn't allow any tool to optimize my code without any reason. If profiler shows up a bottleneck - I can always tune it manually.


How does this compare to the performance inspections in the InspectionGadgets Plugin? The only actually performance-based rewriting you cover in the docs is already available as an inspection, and thus usable either interactively in patch through IDEA?


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