Phpstorm command line tool and passwords


I'm using Git in my project and i added it as an executable in the command tool line configuration (windows environment).
Git is working perfectly by using the git integration of phpstorm (commits, push, pull ...).

It also works when I do some operations on my local repository with the command tool line.
But when it comes to push my commits to the remote server, I always get a permission denied because the command tool line doesn't ask me for the password as it should be.

When I try to push with Cygwin (with the same git executable), it works because cygwin is asking me for the password.

How can I get the command tool line to ask me for the password when I try to push on a remote server ?


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Looks like sometimes IDE fails to prompt something that was prompted by a command-line tool. Here is such issue. Allthough I'll also try to reproduce your issue. If it worth, I'll create new issue to discuss and observe status of problem. Then I'll post the link to it here.

Best regards,
Elena Shaverdova

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I'm having this exact same issue when running Git commands from the command line tool. As soon as git asks for a password input (e.g. to push to a remote repo), PhpStorm doesn't catch this or even show this line in the console. It just keeps the process stuck in "Running git push ...." until you abort it. It would be nice to see a solution for this (a dialog window where the password can be confirmed should suffice, so you don't have to enter it in visible plain-text in the console). Is there a YouTrack ticket for that issue already?


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