Please provide: "Live Edit - Javascript" Example

Hi everyone,

i'm currently evaluating WebStorm/PHPStorm and am very satisfied so far with all the features.

One thing that i would like to get working but don't seem to be able to is Live Editing for Javascript

As a test, i created a small HTML File containing nothing much but some DIV with text. A CSS
File that is generated via a watcher from a LESS file.

And i reference a javascript file via a common SCRIPT tag.

Now here is my issue, for the life of me i can't seem to get live editing of that javascript to work.

I've read somewhere that JS files are being hot swapped and they should be "event driven" or cyclic
to make sure that live editing works with them.

Can anyone provide me with an example what that exactly means ?

This pretty much is the only thing preventing me currently from going all out and purchasing PHPStorm.


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