Idea 3.0 marks ejb:permission, etc. as Wrong tag

I've noticed that Idea marks some Xdoclet tags as being Wrong ... anyone know the reason / fix?

I see this on permission, security-identity and security-role-ref tags which are part of Xdoclet 1.1.2.

Also, a side question (if I am allowed) ...

Does anyone know how to get Xdoclet to use latest JBoss DTDs? I set ]]> in my build script, but I'm still getting 2_4 DTD in my jboss.xml files. Maybe I need to download the DTDs from JBoss into Xdoclet?

If so, does anyone know which ones?

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For IDEA to recognize XDoclet tags, you need to add them all to the list of custom tags. Quite some work. Or simply disable javadoc tags validation (which is what I do).

About XDoclet generating files for JBoss 3.x, it's simply not possible with XDoclet 1.1.2. Go for a newer version (1.2-beta3) or CVS.


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