Confused about CoffeeScript, Breakpoints, and NodeJS

I'm using CoffeeScript 1.6.2. Both .map and .js files are being generated as expected.
I'm experiencing behavior when attempting to hit break points that confuses me.

When setting a breakpoint in the editor (by clicking in the gutter) in my initial .coffee file (in my case I only occasionnally hit the breakpoint.
I have never been able to hit a breakpoint I add to other files (e.g., require('./myOtherFile')

If I use `debugger` I can consistently hit the breakpoint, however it drops me into the corresponding .js file. I am able to use `debugger` in other files (meaning not my and they work (though again by dropping me into the corresponding .js files).

When I examine the .js files, the source map directive is present (though it is the last line in the file).

Do I possibily have something set up incorrectly?

(BTW, when this works it is marvelous!)


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WebStorm 6.0.1 on OSX, Node 0.10.5


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