An HTML5 based IDE?

Google just announced their new Chromebook named Pixel. A quite high-end laptop running the HTML5-based ChromeOS (for an excellent re
view, see

I'm very excited that we are finally seeing a web-based OS gaining real traction among users and that we now have a high-end offering as well.

However, for me as a developer I'm missing the thing that would make me switch ChromeOS completely, a HTML5-based IDE. I can't live without the features offered by JetBrains IDEs and the few alternatives out there (like Cloud9) are far from sufficient. They might get the job done, but only after you've compromised with everything you're used to from IntelliJ or WebStorm.

Since JetBrains are the best at building these tools, regardless of which programming language you use, why not launch a HTML5-based version of these tools? You could even build a business model around this where you charge a monthly or yearly fee through Chrome Web Store and provide a free alternative with only basic features (like IntelliJ CE and UE).

Anyone else feel like it is time to move the IDE completely to the web? I know Adobe is about to launch a complete HTML5-based version of their CS-tools (Photoshop etc.).


// Erik

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Hi Erik,
Many thanks for your request!
We take your proposal into account and will think about it.

"Develop with pleasure!" :)

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jetbrains what you think about Web IDE?

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I use chrome OS and I have to use cloud9


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