Is it possible to have PhpStorm remember tab position? And, an accessibility request.

I generally close PhpStorm with several tabs open.  When I restart it the next day, the tab positioning is messed up (I think it reorders them alphabetically).  Is there a way to force it to keep the tabs in the same order they were when I closed the program?  I haven't found anything in the settings that will do this.  While it's not a big deal to reposition the tabs manually every morning, it is annoying.

Also, as a physically disabled programmer, I find it disappointing that one's license information cannot simply be pasted in.  From a simple, normal usability standpoint, being required to manually enter 3-4 lines of the license is ridiculous, but when viewed through the lens of accessibility it's especially egregious.  Maybe it's pastable in OSX or Windows, but it's not in Linux Mint.  I understand concerns of piracy, but IMO, the paying users should come first.


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