Ant build problem

Here are my system specs: Win2K, JVM 1.4.1_02, IDEA 3.0.4 build #704

I have an Ant Build that builds and cleans, among other things, a JAR that is referenced in my classpath. A while ago, everything was running fine. My clean removed the JAR and the red appeared in the IDEA window; my build rebuilt the JAR and the red disappeared. At some point, problems began. When I try to do a clean, I get the message:
Unable to delete file ....JAR
I don't have anything running that locks the JAR. I can go out and delete the JAR just fine from a Command Prompt. Also, when I rebuild the JAR and then recompile, I get no compilation errors, but the red does not go away.

I am guessing it is some configuration setting that is causing this, but I cannot find it.

Note that I recently moved from IDEA 3.0.2 to 3.0.4. This problem started before this migration and has not changed after the migration.

Furthermore, none of the other developers in house have this problem.

Thanks in advance for all assistence with this issue.

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