Problem compiling JSPs

Disclaimer: I've never used IDEA to compile JSPs, so I'm probably just doing something dumb. :)

I have Web App support set up correctly (which, for me, means that taglib auto-completion works and that the values of the page attribute in <jsp:include>s aren't colored red), however I'm not able to compile JSPs.

I have this taglib directive:


And in web.xml I have:


Yet, compiling the JSP fails with "File '/struts-bean' not found". I've found that changing the URI in the JSP's taglib directive and in web.xml from "struts-bean" to "/WEB-INF/tlds/struts/struts-bean.tld" fixes the problem, but it seems like I shouldn't have to do that.

Indeed, according to the PDF for setting up web app support ( ):

"The uri attribute...must point to your tag library, either directly (with an absolute or relative URL) or indirectly, by specifying a path that you have aliased to the real path in your application?s web.xml file."

However, IDEA is clearly not correctly using web.xml to map the "struts-bean" URI to the location, or else I wouldn't have this problem :)

Another suggestion reads:

"Lastly, if your source tree layout precludes a valid TLD reference in your JSP sources, you can make use of the Resources option panel in IDE Settings to specify a logical mapping between the URI in the code and a TLD located elsewhere."

I tried creating a Resource mapping the "struts-bean" URI to the absolute path on my machine, but that doesn't work either (I even tried restarting IDEA, as some other posts seem to suggest, but that doesn't help).

Any ideas?



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