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I have recently been trying out php storm and it looks to be a good php editor, since i'm usually using the editor for many hours per day i'm quite fussy about the editor I use, unfortunatly most editors dont allow me to run across my network and connect using a local network drive, but fortunately php storm does. Thumbs up dev team.

However, I noticed that this program automatically saves my work for me, and it automatically saves it when I close the program or document tab. While i'm not used to this autosave feature, usually I save the work myself every 5 seconds pressing ctrl + s out of habbit, after looking for a way to turn off autosave I found many posts between the dev team and unhappy customers regarding this feature. I though hey, I can live with it auto saving my work at least I now know what its doing. (This should be made more apparent when you install the trial). Now comes to my issue and point of post.

I work on a local lamp server at home, I connect to the server across my home lan and all my files are stored on this server. Each computer I work from is connected to the server, and I set php storm up to work from the local folder across the network. There is only me working on the files so I dont need version control or anything like that. Typically, I will be working on a computer say (computer1) I open a file up change some things, then maybe I will get a phone call use a different computer (computer 2), maybe I get in bed at night do some work on the laptop (computer 3). Eventually I get back to the first computer, if i close the file or application it will automatically save over the work I did on computer 2 or computer 3 and I cant revert back using local history on computer 1 because the files were changed on another computer. I can goto computer 2 or computer 3 and revert back using that but how can I stop this problem, is there a feature to not autosave if the version has been updated elsewhere on the network or save to file(2) or something similiar and turning off my network connection and closing the program isnt an option.

I nearly lost alot of work today, because I had been working on a file on my laptop the night before, left it open all day, worked on it all day on another computer, got into bed on the laptop, automatically closed php storm and without realising it saved over the work I did today. Fortunately I had backed it up before I went to bed. Since the dev team have said they will not be disabling auto save as an option, is there an alternative?

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"There is only me working on the files so I dont need version control or anything like that."



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