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I am wanted to use Webstorm to create a simple HTML site. Usually I use a CMS but for the site I am making, it only requires a whole 5 pages.
I know Dreamweaver has a "master templates" where you have a master template for you HTML pages and then each page you make after that you can make pages that use that template.  Much like an ASP.Net project would.
That way if I have to change the header or footer, I don't have to change it on every single page.

Is there a way to do this in Webstorm?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Is there a way to do this in Webstorm?

No. WebStorm does not have such functionality and not planned to have (AFAIK).

You can use PHP for such templating (single line instruction to include another file) -- it is very popular and available on majority of hosting providers (for PHP support, you will have to use PhpStorm).


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