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My normal IDE for editing JavaScript and HTML is Visual Studio, but after watching videos of many different individuals using Webstorm and being productive, I decided to purchase the product.   To learn WebStorm I want to create some simple HTML and JavaScript, but I'm having issues just doing basic things in WebStorm. For example: in HTML I want to create a link element (<ling href="...">) to reference to a css file. One would think that WebStorm should have a feature to help with this.

I've watched many tutorial on Webstore, but they all seem advanced.  In these video people are cranking out code and it seems that they are using many features of WebStorm, but in these videos there are no references to the key strokes; code, menus and files just appear from no where. Most of the video I see are about new features in WebStorm 6. The new features are great and I will probably use them one day, but I just want to be able to edit HTML and JavaScript in a more productive way.

I've found the WebStorm reference Card (http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/documentation/WebStorm_ReferenceCard.pdf) and believe this will be benefiial as a refernce, but first I would like to understand the basics and dig more into the advance things.  

Are there videos that can provide me the basics to editing HTML and JavaScript in WebStorm?  

Just before I submited this post I found the following video on JetBrains webiste.  This information is great, but limited.  The very first tip that the presenter (John Lindquist) showed was how to auto-complete a src path in HTML; this was what I was looking for. He mentioned that [ctrl]+[space] will show all the files in the current path and then he mentioned that [ctrl]+[space]+[space] will display all the JS files in the project.  After seeing this, I referred to the WebStorm Reference Card, but there was no reference to the shortcut. How do I learn about these basic feature?  The title of the video is "Power Answers - Speed Tricks", but this seems like basic information that any HTML developer would need to know to be productive with WebStorm.

     Video - Power Answers - Speed Trickst

I need to see some progress in my productivity using WebStorm to justify using WebStorm instead of Visual Studio.

What resource are there to learn the basics or WebStorm?

Mike Barlow


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