Wondering about updating to 6.0.1

New user and new poster here who's head over heels about PHPStorm!

I am wondering, however, if the process for updating my 6.0 licensed copy to 6.0.1, which says it found an old copy and wants to uninstall it, is going alter my settings at all?

I did search a bit throught the threads here to see if this was discussed previously and couldn't seem to find anything.

Should I let it remove my current install FIRST, or should I tell it to install 6.0.1, skip the removal, make sure it copies over my settings properly, and THEN uninstall 6.0? Just wondering what the best/recommended process is here...

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Hi there,

You should state your OS, really.

In any case: IDE-wide configuration is stored in completely separate folder (which is different for each major version (e.g. 5.x and 6.x)) and will NOT be deleted unless you explicitly tell uninstaller to do this.

I'm on Windows 7 and I'm using the same folder for each version. Because PhpStorm cannot be installed into not-empty folder, I have to:

  1. uninstall currently installed version first
  2. go into that install folder and cleanup 1 folder with 2 files left behind
  3. launch installer; when asked -- point to that specific folder ( in my case it is C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PhpStorm )
  4. that's it -- start using it

If you are not reusing the same folder, then you can do this in any order -- by default installer (on Windows) will offer version-specific folder name (there is no installer on Linux anyway .. and Mac version should work similarly to Windows, I guess). You can easily have multiple versions of PhpStorm installed in parallel.

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Thanks Andriy - I'd forgot to mention I'm using Win7, so you nailed my answer!


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