Local or Mounted Folder Deployment Config Freezes Webstorm

When I try to add a new Local or Mounted folder deployment configuration entry, it completely freezes webstorm.  I see a "folder not supported" little caution triangle somewhere in the config screen after I try to create the config and edit it but no idea what's going on.


Hello, could you please attach a screenshot with this message: "folder not supported"? Would you also elaborate on the step-by-step scenario to reproduce the issue?
And what do you mean by "freezing"? Does not IDE response at all or does it freeze for some time (user interface is not accessable during this period)?
BTW, what WebStorm version do you use?


resolved, had not setup my debug config right.  Was pointing it to a file, not a running instance for my http://localhost.  You shouldn't be running from file:// anyways, should always be a url.


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