PHPStorm freezing when switching between windows (Mac OS X)

Hi all

I've been using PHPStorm since a few weeks now, got my personal license today. However, the last few days I've started noticing an annoying freezing:

When I commant+tab between windows and later return (could be within seconds) to my PHPStorm window, it hangs for a second or two. It will freeze and not accept any input. Input entered during the freeze, wil appear on the screen when the program continues.

Does anyone recognize this? Is it a bug or something?

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Could you please file a new issue to our tracker?

Would you specify in the issue description the following information:

  • The versions of your PhpStorm, OS and Java.
    You can copy (Cmd+C) these data from the menu Help | About, and paste (Cmd+V) it to the ticket.

  • Where (on HDD/SSD or on remote disk) your project files are located?

  • Are there any remote storage or symlinks involved to your project?

  • Does the issue affect only one project?
    If YES: Could you please attach your project to the ticket? You can provide these files privately (mark them visible to “idea-developers”).

  • Please also attach a zip of Help | Reveal log in Finder.

Would you also follow the manual How to take thread dumps and provide a thread dump of the frozen app? Please, attach gotten dump to the ticket in YouTrack.


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