xDebug ignores breakpoints?


I have a problem with PhpStorm 6.0 127.100. I use the zero-configuration.
If I set a breakpoint in my dispatcher php file, PhpStorm stops correctly.
But if I define a breakpoint somewhere in my application, PhpStorm ignores the stop and the script runs through.

This is also if I move with "Step In" to line just before this breakpoint and use then "Resume program".

At the xdebug.log I see the breakpoints with the correct filepaths, but nothing happens.

Knows anybody how can I fix this?

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Hi there,

Does it not work on that line ONLY .. or on ANY line at all?

Thing is: sometimes xdebug simply unable to break on certain lines (e.g. multi-line statement (array declaration), a line that does not end with ; etc). Does your file has something like that (where you have placed breakpoint)?

Check this ticket (and related) for details: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-2191

Regarding that log: does log shows that xdebug tells IDE to stop there .. or you are referring to log entries where IDE tells on what lines xdebug should stop? These are 2 different things (in first case it should be an IDE issue while in second it's an xdebug problem).

Also -- what is the path to that file and what is your OS (where PhpStorm is running as well as xdebug itself). Maybe it is this one (check comments): http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-15250

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hmm... it seems that the problem has been solved by itself.
I can't reproduce it. but I really don't know what has changed.


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