Intellij IDEA has "exactly" the same functionality as webstorm as far as web is concerned?


I would like to know what the differences as far as the web is concerned between intellij idea and webstorm.

I currently own and use intellij idea for android development and java.

I am interested now to start using nodejs and a little bit of angularjs. Now webstorm is being marketed for just this task...

But does Intellij IDEA include "ALL" funcionality from webstorm ?

Project files are compatible?

I am trying to find out if I need to buy webstorm, and also if I can follow the many tutorials for webstorm if I was using Intellij IDEA?

Anybody using both IDEs? Is so, why?

Thanks in advance

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All of the functionality of our lightweight IDEs can be found within IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (you need to install the corresponding plug-ins from the repository).

It includes support for all technologies developed for our more specific products such as Web/PhpStorm, RubyMine and PyCharm.
Would you please refer to the page:


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