Highlight custom keyword in html or php file

Hi there,
is there an possibility to highlight some few special custom keywords in html- or php-files?
I wrote a very small php-parser that parses html/php files for very basic placeholders / keywords like {{ }} or so,
and it would help a lot if they are highlighted / have a different color that the other text. The problem is that {{any command}} works fine,
but in the phpstorm editor it is treated as code outside of quotes and as a string inside of quotes (like normal text), so it would be really nice to make this "pattern" more visible.
I know that there are a lot of template systems for php, but they are very confusing and big, and for me I can live with my self written template system which compiles the htm / php for those patterns once and creates a php files.
I know that I can create a custom file type and create own keywords, but the file then is not treated as it were html or php....
So what I need would be a mixture of custom file type and adding some keywords following a special pattern.

I know that writing an own plugin would be possible, but seems to complicated for me for that stuff.

Thanks a lot for your ideas!

Sincerely, Adrian.

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When I read the issues and wishes, I found this ticket: WEB-564.
Maybe I just have to wait... :-(
Does anybody has an idea for a workaround?

Thanks a lot, Adrian.


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