Command Line Tool Support Does Not Work in WebStorm 6

"Command Line Tool Support" plugin version 127.122 (installed on WebStorm version 6.0.1) does not work! I read the documentation, and did exactly what it said to do to execute a command in the command line. But when I enter a command in the command line and hit <return>, nothing happens.

Here's a video that demonstrates the problem: link


Do you have Vim plugin installed? It sometimes produces such an effect, see issue. Otherwise please attach your log (Help | Show log in...) to this issue.


Yes, I do have ideaVim plugin installed. I hope you're not saying that I have to choose between using the ideaVim plugin or the command line tool support plugin. You should be able to use both. If these 2 plugins cannot coexist, then that's a bug.

idea log:


Feel free to vote for the issue and to watch it to get notified when it would be fixed.


Wow, it appears this has been a problem for over 2 years already, according to !!! Why isn't anyone trying to fix it? Sure, you can work around it, but it's cumbersome, and makes WebStorm seem clunky and unpolished - tarnishing its sexy reputation.

Even if this turns out to be an ideaVim bug, I think JetBrains should care about it and treat it like a WebStrom problem (i.e. a big deal!) because it's making WebStorm look bad (broken). Yeah I'll vote for this bug to be fixed. But consider this: How many people have already voted by going to another IDE, instead of bothering to tell you (JetBrains) that this bug sucks?


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