Disabling autosave

I develop with meteor, which is an awesome web framework that supports live hot code pushes - that is, when a file in the project is updated, the meteor server updates the client, live - you don't even have to tell your users to refresh the page. This is awesome for rapid prototyping.

The problem is that with Webstorm's auto-saving, meteor would push changes way too often, frequently causing compile errors on the server side Node.JS, and sometimes breaking the server. I had to find a way to disable autosave. Here's how to do it.

1. In Settings -> IDE Settings -> General,

  • uncheck "Synchronize files on frame activation"
  • uncheck "Save files on frame deactivation"
  • if you can, uncheck "Save files if application is idle for". If it's greyed out, set it to 6442450 seconds (about 74 days). This is the maximum number of seconds that the autosave function can be disabled for, and I have absolutely no idea whatsoever why JetBrains picked this weird number.

Autosave is retarded.png
2. In IDE Settings -> Editor -> Editor tabs, check "Mark modified tabs with asterisk".
Mark modified tabs.png
Hope this helps,

"In communist Russia, the IDE saves the file for you"


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