Gui-builder : don't forget the tests... first ...

In all the GUI-builder matter/talks, one subject has been completely
un-mentionned :
testing the GUI.

I wonder, what if ...
THIS GUI-builder worked like no other GB, generating tests, and then a
GUI that passes them? What if?

When TFD a GUI frame/dialog, you would write tests for
- the presence : is it there ?
- the size/position
- the contents : title, fields, ...
- the look : positions, fonts, color, size, ..
- the reactions ... THAT's the difficult part

A standard GUI-builder, would ask you the same questions.

As I increasingly see production code as a by-product of the tests, I'd
love IDEA to share my view.
Read the newsgroups : testing GUI is not an easy task, but it's very
important. JetBrains could really make a difference here.

Alain Ravet

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