Viewing generated JSP servlet code (netbeans feature)

Probably one of the only features of netbeans that I would consider missing in IDEA is the ability to right click on any JSP file, and "View Servlet Code" which takes you to the servlet code in the tomcat work directory. I have found where it puts the java code under the $HOME/.IntellijIdea/system/tomcat_blah directory, but there's no automatic way from within the IDE to get to it. It doesn't seem to me like it's a big leap to tie the two files together somehow, and it is sometimes very useful to see the generated code to fix problems in the jsp.

I'd be happy to submit this as a feature request in tracker, but first wanted to check and see if I was the only one that would use such a feature.

I haven't looked at the plugin API yet, maybe this would be better/easier implemented as a plugin? Any thoughts?


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Doh, now I go and search through the IDEA Features forum and found out that the request has already been submitted. See


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