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When I have a Behat/Cucumber test description (i.e. a *.feature file containing Gherkin), PhpStorm colors all the lines containing steps (“Given”, “When” etc.). When I move the mouse over one of these lines, the tooltip says that it’s an undefined step reference.
So, obviously, PhpStorm seems to be able to recognize cross-references between the steps and the method annotations such as “@When”. But: how do I set this up? Or what filesystem layout would be necessary to enable PhpStorm to get this working?


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I've had this same issue. I assume the plugin was initially built for RubyMine and so this hasn't been fully ported to storm yet but it would be good to know when this might be happening.

~ Steve

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Like BlueM said it's base on Cucumber plugin.
You can find sources here:

I'm looking for the same feature as you, so I will try to fork the plugin and create a behat one. But I never create Intellij plugin before :)


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