Can't read files above restricted folder on linux

Hello all.
I have heard some good opinions on PHPStorm so I wanted to try it. And I have a first problem. My path for projects is:
/first[root, others +x]/second[root, others +x]/domain[user:user]
and I'm unable to get to the /domain folder with PHPStorm. Even if I define path /first/second/domain I can only get access to /first.
Now I'm working on Netbeans where this is not a problem.

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Hello Mariusz,

Do you still have the issue?

Thank you for feedback!

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Has anything changed? I have not used PHPStorm since then, as with my file structure is useless.

Edit: Yes, still can't read files where I have only others:x privilege to the containing directory.

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Almost 2 years has passed and this bug is still unresolved :(


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