Location of ANT DTD?

IDEA has great ANT integration -- the editor knows the ANT DTD and
highlights errors, plus it understands a LOT of ant-specific stuff. Very

Our ANT file uses numerous custom taskdefs. ANT can spit out a DTD which
includes those, as well as the standard ANT tasks. But I can't get ANT to
use this DTD, even if I specify it as the DTD for the document.

Where does IDEA store its ANT DTD, and how could I override it with my
extended one?

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IDEA doesn't use DTDs. You should put the jar with the custom tasks to
IDEA's lib folder & add it to classpath in ant file properties.

PS documentation newsgroup is definetely a wrong group to answer this
question. All question regarding eap version should be directed to one of
the eap groups.
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Mike Aizatsky.

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